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Clinical Research

Omega Beauty

Individuals who supplemented with 600 mg of coriander seed oil saw increased hair thickness and density after six months.

In as early as one month, the unique combination of ingredients in Omega Beauty were shown to improve skin moisture retention

Skin Clarify

Women who supplemented with a combination of grape seed extract, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and C saw improvements in clear skin complexion, texture, shine, and pore dilation after eight weeks.

Skin Probiotic+

A daily dose of La-1 (1 Billion CFU) and a carotenoid mixture was shown to enhance skin density and defenses after 10 weeks.

Individuals who supplemented with St-11 (10 Billion CFU) had improved scalp hydration after two months.

Hair Growth+

In as early as one month, individuals saw a 34% reduction in hair loss and improved density when supplementing with 100 mg of AnaGain Nu.

Hydrolyzed Collagen+

Supplementation with peach-derived glucosylceramides was shown to enhance skin hydration in as early as 10 days.

Ultra HNS

Supplementation with Cynatine® HNS increased the moisture of skin after 30 days.

Supplementation with Cynatine® HNS increased the elasticity of skin after 60 days.

Skin Nourish

Ceramosides have been shown to support skin moisture 15 days after being taken, compared to placebo.

Hair Growth+ and Omega Beauty

After eight weeks, individuals supplementing with both Hair Growth+ and Omega Beauty increased their total number of hairs, with a more pronounced effect at 16 weeks.

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